Monday, 21 April 2008

JAMES the band back on tour!!

I have only recently gotten back from a small tour of the UK following the band JAMES on their April 2008 tour. Well I say tour but it was more like up to Sheffield from London then across to Oxford for my second one!!!

Why go to 2 concerts by the same band? Coz each is different! And I lurve listening to them live.

I have posted a review of the Oxford gig here

And there's one here of me and my step dad helping the lead singer Tim Booth down from our chairs;

I also plucked the courage up to stake out the stage door in Oxford as I have been trying for 16 years since James' Alton Towers gig in 1992 to get my long sleeve shirt signed. I met Saul Davies (guitarist/violins/percussion) and Dave Baynton Power (drummer) whilst they were having a quick ciggie. Saul offered to take my top in and get it signed by the band... swoon... amazing.

Am now gonna frame it and put it up in my living room to gaze at forever!

The support on this tour were a band called My Federation, fronted by Lee 'Muddy' Baker. I had a chat with these guys in Sheffield and what a nice bunch of chaps! Bought their CD in Oxford... go listen to it on amazon its called "Don't Wanna Die".

Anyway... go buy James'new album! Its on iTunes and in shops titled 'Hey Ma';